About Craft Week and Freshers' Night

You will have the opportunity to participate in our exciting Craft Week and Freshers' Night events. During Craft Week, you can learn new skills and create unique crafts with the help of our talented instructors. From graphic designing to catering, there's something for everyone. You also get to play fun indoor and outdoor games, participate in competitions like food challenges, Talent show and more...

Freshers' Night is a chance for you to socialize and make new friends. Typically, there are a variety of fun activities and events organized, including music, dancing, games, and free food. It's a great way for new students to get to know each other, make new friends, and feel more comfortable in their new environment. These events are the perfect way to start your university experience and make lasting memories.

Overall, these events are just a small part of the exciting and vibrant campus life that awaits new students. Whether it's exploring the local area, participating in clubs and organizations, attending sporting events, or simply hanging out with friends, there's always something to do and see on campus.